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McCain tested on economy

McCain tested on economy
Defends his credibility and experience
Boston Globe Staff / January 26, 2008

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - In a race increasingly centered on the economy, Republican candidate John McCain yesterday found himself on the defensive over his credibility on the subject, claiming a career of experience dealing with the issue and unique abilities in "leadership, not management."

Those words were aimed at former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, a longtime consultant and venture capitalist, who has emphasized his corporate background in recent weeks. For much of last year, Romney downplayed his business experience while trying to appeal to conservative voters largely on social and moral issues.

A Romney ad now airing in Florida highlights his experience in the private sector. "I know how America works, because I spent my life in the real economy," he boasts, in front of the Jacksonville skyline.

"Governor Romney is touting his qualities and his experience and resume as a manager; I am telling the American people - and they know it - that I am a leader," McCain said at a news conference in Fort Lauderdale. McCain was challenged at the news conference over an answer he gave in a debate the previous night when asked by moderator Tim Russert if he had said he was "not well versed on" economic issues.

"Actually, I don't know where you got that quote from," McCain replied.

McCain conceded yesterday that he had made such a remark.

"It was in the context of a conversation on my qualifications to serve: that I am proud of my record as chairman of the commerce committee, of being involved in every single major issue that affects this country," he said.

In fact, on numerous occasions over the course of the campaign, McCain has volunteered that he is unsatisfied with his lack of knowledge about aspects of economics...

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McCain tested on economy

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