Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund - Aerial Hunting - web ad


Anonymous said...

I don't even understand the hunting of wolves to begin with. I guess I'm just a city girl, but I thought if you were going to hunt something it would be for sport and for food. You know like venison? Who eats wolf? What do they do with the wolf once they kill it? This is so grotesque and ridiculous.

Vote Issues, Not Gender! said...

It is my understanding that the aerial killing of wolves and bears (did you know that mamas with cubs are fair game?) is purely for the benefit of the moose hunters in Alaska.

Sarah Palin has made it profitable for aerial hunters to make money on their kill by offering them a $150 bounty per left foreleg. I am sure this encouraged illegal hunting and there have been reports of the killing of pups near their den after their parents were slaughtered.

Hunters are allowed to keep the rest of the wolf and sell the skins.

There is a picture of Sarah Palin and her friends all dressed in wolf pelts, I'll post it soon.

My 8 year old daughter wants me to put up more pics of the slaughtered wolves, but I have been hesitant to do so as there are many graphic images in the videos as it is.

My father was a bush pilot in Alaska and an avid bow hunter and fisherman and I am sure he'd agree with you that this is grotesque and ridiculous. I know I do.