Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah Palin in Coal Country

Sarah Palin in Coal Country
Newsweek - By Suzanne Smalley (David Kohl / AP)

To hear Sarah Palin tell it, this race is far from over.

There's the theme song to the classic underdog film "Rudy" -about a pint-sized factory worker turned football player at Notre Dame whose faith leads him to save the team against all odds-that accompanies her onto the stage at most rallies. There's the joke in her stump speech that Tina Fey better hold onto "that Sarah outfit 'cause she's gonna need it." And at a rally last night in Batavia, Ohio, a working class town about 40 minutes east of downtown Cincinnati, there was the way Palin launched her speech, with congratulations for the Cincinnati Bengals for winning their first game of the season, before she promised, "There's gonna be another underdog win here Tuesday night!"

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Sarah Palin in Coal Country

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Helen said...

This story is very important as I've seen it nowhere else and shows the dangerous impact of BS's rhetoric.

I call Sarah Palin "Bad Sarah" or BS for short. Please visit my blog,devoted exclusively to the idea that Sarah Palin is not fit for public office. Perhaps we should begin a "No Palin Please" webring?