Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama: McCain just making 'stuff' up

Obama: McCain just making 'stuff' up
Agence France-Presse

MIAMI – White House frontrunner Barack Obama lashed his Republican rival John McCain on Tuesday, accusing him of just making "stuff" up as time runs out before election day in two weeks.

Obama unveiled a fierce counter-attack after McCain's camp accused him of embracing socialist tax policies and mocked Republican running mate Sarah Palin's implicit comment that liberals did not live in "real America."

The Democrat, riding high in national polls and battleground states, hammered McCain over the Republican's claims that he attacked "Joe the plumber," an Ohio voter who has become an emblem of the middle class tax debate.

"It was really amazing, he’s decided to fabricate this notion that I’ve been attacking Joe the plumber," Obama said, after noting he had watched a speech by McCain earlier in the day on television.

"I have got nothing but love for Joe the plumber" that's why I want to give him a tax cut, Obama said.

"John McCain is still out there, just saying this stuff, just making it up."

Pushing back at the "socialist" charge, Obama said it was tough to believe that his high power supporters like billionaire financier Warren Buffett and former Republican secretary of state Colin Powell would embrace such a person.

"Apparently Senator McCain’s decided that if he can’t beat our ideas, he’s just gonna make up some ideas and run against those," Obama said.

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Obama: McCain just making 'stuff' up

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