Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin leaves open option of war with Russia

Palin leaves open option of war with Russia
Sept 11 2008 News Staff

In her first interview with the media since being picked as Republican John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin said that Georgia should join NATO and war might be necessary if Russia invaded the country again.

In the excerpts from the first of three interviews with ABC News' Charlie Gibson, Palin advocated the inclusion of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO.

When asked if the U.S. would go to war if Russia again if it attacked Georgia, the Alaska governor said: ""Perhaps so. I mean, that is the agreement when you are a NATO ally, is if another country is attacked, you're going to be expected to be called upon and help.

"And we've got to keep an eye on Russia. For Russia to have exerted such pressure in terms of invading a smaller democratic country, unprovoked, is unacceptable."

On other questions of foreign policy and security, Palin towed the Republican line...

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Palin leaves open option of war with Russia

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