Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin excitement levels off as Democrats regain lead

Palin excitement levels off as Democrats regain lead
September 18, 2008

(CNN) -- Is America's honeymoon with Sarah Palin over? Polls suggest that might be so.

Sarah Palin and John McCain are now behind the Democratic ticket in the polls.

Palin appears to be losing some of her initial appeal as Democrats make gains in the polls.

The Alaska governor came out swinging at the Republican National Convention, energizing her party's base and shifting the momentum to John McCain's favor.

At rallies in the week following the convention, the McCain-Palin duo saw their best attendance and a newfound zeal, and the Republican ticket took the lead in national polls for the first time.

But polls show the momentum has shifted once again.

Palin's favorable rating is at 40 percent, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. That's down 4 points from last week. Her unfavorable rating is at 30 percent, rising eight points in a week.

The poll was conducted September 12-16 and has a sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove predicted Wednesday that Palin's star power would wear off.

"Nothing lasts for 60-some-odd days," Rove told The Associated Press. "Will she be the center of attention in the remaining 48 days? No, but she came on in a very powerful way and has given a sense of urgency to the McCain campaign that's pretty remarkable."

But this week, the Democrats recaptured the headlines and Obama regained his lead in the national polls.

CNN's latest poll of polls, out Thursday afternoon, shows him ahead of McCain by two points, 47-44 percent...

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Palin excitement levels off as Democrats regain lead

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