Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Palin example - Edmonton Sun

A Palin example
Republicans' v-p pick says the right things, but actions don't follow

Tempting as it is to write about imaginary puffins pooping on Stephane Dion, fatuous Tory television ads about how kind and nice Stephen Harper is and that nice old and slightly dotty auntie from the Green Party who has been allowed to debate with the big boys, I have to respond to those who apparently have sent me to hell for daring to criticize Sarah Palin.

Last week I praised this admirable woman but wondered if she could care properly for a tiny handicapped baby, a seven-year-old child and a heavily pregnant teenage daughter, while being vice president of the most powerful country on earth.

This, according to various letters, made me either a "raving liberal" or part of the "mainstream media socialist club." Golly, who knew? My Order of Canada must surely be in the mail as we speak.

Of course the low taxes and low morals types on the political right, who care only about the economy and their right to do whatever they want, couldn't give a flying tax cut about family.

But others who claim to believe in life and faith should know better. They have been the first to criticize people like Hillary Clinton allegedly for being poor mothers and we know how they would react if a Democrat or liberal woman ran for senior office with the same family commitments as Sarah Palin.

She would be condemned by all sorts of people now screaming for Sarah.

They would argue that she symbolized the left's indifference to children and to traditional values.

Let's be blunt here. Being pro-life does not mean merely allowing a child to be born, marvellous though that is. It also means caring for that child. That is something that the genuine pro-life movement established long ago, contrary to the caricature that is painted of them by their opponents.

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A Palin example
Republicans' v-p pick says the right things, but actions don't follow

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