Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palin brings gender politics back in US polls

Palin brings gender politics back in US polls
Sarah Jacob
September 17, 2008

Perhaps it is ironic. Days after Sarah Palin joined team McCain, on Wednesday 6 national women's groups announced they were endorsing Barack Obama.

Kim Gandy, president of National Organization for Women, says, "Sarah Palin does not support the things that NOW stands for. She believes that no abortion be allowed under any circumstances not even in the case of a child victim of rape or incest. Her positions are completely out of touch with American women."

Palin's stand on abortion may be difficult hurdle for feminists to come to terms with but polls show America's most famous hockey mom boosting GOP nominee Senator John McCain's popularity among white women and independents.

Latest polls show Senator McCain has pulled even with Senator Obama in national polls, thanks to a 20-point swing among white women, who now favor the McCain-Palin ticket by 12 points.

Brian Darling, an analyst with the Heritage Foundation, says: "There are two very good reasons why McCain made this pick. One it helps shore up his credentials among conservatives. He has picked some body who is pro life, some body who is pro family some body who is very good conservative credentials also and fits in the maverick frame work that McCain has wrapped up and also it helps him with women."

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Palin brings gender politics back in US polls

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Skeptical Bystander said...

I find it impossible to understand how any enlightened woman (or man, for that matter) with remotely progressive values could consider voting for the bottom --or the top -- of the Republican ticket. Maybe it was a mistake to give women the vote.:) Just kidding, of course. I am a woman, but not one who could ever vote solely on the basis of gender, especially when, as in this case, it would be a vote against my interests as a woman and the gains made by my gender in the last 100 years.
As Garrison Keilor put it, Sarah Palin is George Bush with big hair.
I would hate to see four more years of the last eight years, and that is what we would be getting.